Let me start this off by saying this is my first blog and I am new to this site. So when I type up an ENTIRE BLOG and then something goes wrong and I can’t find the undo button, I get angry. And I’m not angry at the site, I won’t be writing an angry letter or, the more likely and more modern, e-mail, but I will punch a wall. You know that that’s bad because I am not a violent person. Let’s just say that technology hates me.

So here’s how it went down. As I mentioned before, I typed up a good (well. . . decent) blog about a totally unrelated topic to this one. While proofreading I found I spelled a word wrong or forgot to capitalize something, I don’t really remember. It was something so minor, which is okay right? That’s why we proofread. When I went to highlight this mistake, my computer glitched and somehow managed to highlight and entire paragraph. Did I notice? No, I was too busy hitting the backspace button. So a paragraph is gone, I can fix that. . . NOT! You, yeah you, the person reading this, is there an undo button on this website? Because I couldn’t find one. As instinct goes, I hit the back button on my browser. Yeah, now there’s trouble. The entire blog, gone. Now I’m unhappy, but not going on a rampage just yet.

I start typing again. This time I have no idea what I did. I hit backspace because I made another mistake. From what you know about me so far is that really a surprise? Didn’t think so. I don’t even know where my laptop took me, but it was NOT where I wanted to be. So I went back to the new post tab on the site, hoping that with some luck, the writing would still be there. NOPE, but that was an unrealistic hope anyway, I knew it was a long shot.

So here I am, typing up a blog about how horrible I am with technology, talking about something I wasn’t even thinking about when I first tried writing my blog. Before you ask, yes I am pathetic. I am also one of the biggest dorks you will ever meet. I am also writing a blog about writing a blog. Is that blogcepton? I don’t know. On another note, that is related, I almost just punched my laptop because it added something to this blog that I didn’t write. That happened just now. I don’t know where it came from but it was a phrase. Maybe I’ll just start typing really slow so that I have to use the backspace button less often.

P.S: I still don’t know where the undo button is, or if there even is one. So can the beautiful person reading this right now enlighten me? Help me become less technologically challenged please. Also, go easy on me because I wrote this at like two in the morning. Have a nice week.