The Zombie Apocalypse?

This is the post that was supposed to be my first, but I had no luck with that now did I? No. So here goes (again). I know by this point you are probably tired of hearing about it, or maybe you are somebody who absolutely loves the idea of it and actually wants it to happen. This won’t be one of my posts where I get too intelligent and dissect everything, the main reason being that I think the possibility of it is pretty awesome.

Set aside the fact that I’d probably die, not because I’m not awesome enough to survive, but because the odds will not be in my favor. Wouldn’t it be awesome? Martial law is something I think would be fun to experience at some point. I know not everybody thinks that way, but come on, think about it. You can get what you want, no money, and you might even get to kill a few a**holes in the process. Is there any better way to feel bada**? I’ve never really liked shooting guns, but I could definitely get used to it.

You don’t have to stick with your family, you can somehow convince them you’ve been bitten and you can leave. They will let you. That is, unless you want to stay with your family. You can find a crew. Talk about strategy? You can’t be alone. You would need someone to watch your back, and in return you watch their back.

My biggest hope is that if anything like this does happen, humanity won’t scatter like cockroaches. Hopefully they would try to save civilization, and people won’t just kill everybody in sight, viewing them as threats.

My little brother took me out to the woods the other day, and he showed me his ‘zombie shelter.’ This thing is made out of a fallen tree, old tires, any trash that they could find out there. It is adorable how his friends and him did that with their time. Instead of staying inside all day playing video games or surfing the web, they hiked out into the woods every day, crossed the creek, scavenged for scraps that they could use, and assembling them to make this little fort. To take it a step further, if the apocalypse does happen, each of these kids has a post and a job to ensure each of their safety. It blew my mind what these kids could accomplish. Maybe we should pay more attention to this generation, they could be capable of amazing things if they put their energy towards it.

What about you? Do think it’ll ever happen? What would you do if it did? Leave a comment, let me know.



You know what I hate? People. No, not the amazing people who are reading this right now, the ones that do annoying things. I am not hard to get along with, in fact I have learned over the years that I am way too accepting. Saying that, there are still things that tick me off.

For one thing, narrow mindedness. I don’t care what you think about gay marriage, or politics, just don’t act like the pros or cons that you don’t support aren’t actually there. Admit to the negatives of what you believe in, IT’S OKAY, because chances are, there are also positives. And don’t try to change my mind, I can say that maybe certain things shouldn’t happen (I’m not going in to detail) even if there are a few positives that come out of it.

Two, don’t take a stand on something you don’t fully understand. After you watched the Kony 2012 video, did you research it? Probably not, you probably just went with it. If you did research it , power to you! You passed my test, and we can be friends. Even if you didn’t research it, especially if you didn’t research it, I hope you didn’t parade around voicing your beliefs.

Three, USE YOUR WORDS. I’m a shy person, but if I really want someone to know something, I will tell them. Don’t come crying to me if you like that boy over there, and you don’t know if he likes you. ASK HIM, USE YOUR WORDS.

Four, embrace intelligence. Don’t ever dumb yourself down to fit in. Its not worth it. I can not tell you how many times I have heard of people saying ‘my significant other thinks I’m too smart for him/her.’ If they don’t like smart people, then they probably make really boring conversation and aren’t even worth your time. I’m not saying you should only be dating people smarter than you, but if they are not as smart or smarter than you then they should be open to your knowledge.

Five, PDA’s. Fine, kiss your girlfriend in public. Give her a hug too. I don’t have a problem with that. But when I am trying to go for a walk in the park with my dog, I don’t want to see you sucking off her face. Not because it is a painful reminder of how I’m single, but because it is gross. Once I was having a conversation about gay people. Someone had brought up the fact that they don’t want to see a gay couple making out while they are trying to eat dinner. News Flash! I don’t want to see a straight couple doing that either.

Six, if you are in public trying to get somewhere, ACTUALLY MAKE AN EFFORT ON GETTING THERE! I don’t want to be stuck behind someone who can’t walk faster than 1 mile per hour. I have somewhere to go too, and it would be nice if I got there before Thanksgiving. Even worse, don’t be that person that abruptly stops to check a text or e-mail or angry birds notification, because I am walking right behind you, and I am not watching your every move, and I will knock you down. Then it becomes my fault because you can’t wait until you’re not in someones way to look at your phone.

Seven, if you’re going to insult me, do it correctly. The safest way of doing this is using Shakespearean language. If you do so, I will promptly bite my thumb at you. Calling me a nerd is not an insult. In fact, you’re basically saying I am intellectually advanced, which I quite enjoy. Calling someone gay, like in a facebook comment of some sort, is also not an insult. Welcome to the 21st century.

These are only a few that came straight to my mind. I’m sure I missed some so leave a comment telling me what really ticks you off about people.

Meteor Shower

Did you see the meteor shower? I did. Looking up at the stars, waiting for small glimmering balls of fire to pass by in the amount of time it takes you to blink inspired me way more than I thought it would. For one thing, I think way more than I should. I imagine all of these things that COULD happen, but the chances are so small that they never really do. The fact that these things don’t happen, only inspires me to create the rest of this made up story. So I do, I’ve been writing stories lately.

Anyway, back to the shower. My house is at the dead-end of my street, so no cars come by. Especially at 2 in the morning. That meant my little brother and I laid out in the middle of the street, staring up at the sky waiting for one meteor that both of us saw. We both saw a good handful, but we only saw about two together. All of the others either he saw or I saw. Have you ever just sat outside in the middle of the night to look at the stars? When you can’t sleep or you get bored and have nothing to do. If you live in a place where you can see the stars, then I highly suggest it. Even if you aren’t much into nature.

I’m not much for nature, and I’ll admit it. All that hiking in the woods does for me is make me even more conscious of the fact that mosquitoes and wasps exist. I seriously don’t know what it is about me, but I can’t go outside in the summer without coming back with at least four bug bites. But when you’re out there, watching the stars and there are crickets chirping in the background, you can forget everything else in the world that is wrong. Looking up at the stars out there in the universe that are so far away you probably can’t even comprehend the distance between us and them, everything on earth seems so insignificant. All the petty fights going on, between your friends or family, they are totally pointless and mean nothing. There is so much out there.

Then I had the thought that somewhere out there, orbiting one of those small, flickering lights, could be a planet with intelligent life on it, like earth. There could be other civilizations looking up that the stars, just like us, contemplating the existence of alien life, whether or not there are other life sustaining planets orbiting the stars that they are seeing, looking at our sun through their atmospheres. What are the odds of that? Think of all of the life forms on earth. How many species on our planet spend any part of the night gazing up at the stars? I don’t know of any outside of homo sapiens. Granted, I am no biologist. I don’t know much about animal behaviors.

Maybe I’m just really interested in science, most people probably don’t find this as interesting as I do. What about you? Ever stay up until 2 in the morning to watch meteors burn up in our atmosphere? Do you ever just lay out at night looking at the stars? Are you as fascinated by the vastness of our universe as I am? Leave a comment and let me know.Thanks for reading!

The Curiosity Rover Awesomeness

The Sheer Awesome of Science

Animation of the Curiosity on Mars.

We’ve done it. Well, not ‘we,’ but NASA did. Landed on Mars. Ignore the fact that it has happened before, and don’t assume that it isn’t amazing just because it has. The logistics behind getting this specific rover to the exact point on Mars where NASA wanted it was amazing. It seriously blew my mind. When you see everything that goes into it, the first thing you think might be ‘there are way too many factors. Too many things that can and will go wrong, no way that this will land without breaking.’ Well, you pessimist, you’d be wrong.

Yes, there was a lot of steps. First, the ‘whole package’ as I have started calling it, enters the atmosphere travelling at about 13,000 mph. The heat shield keeps the package from being damaged when it does enter the atmosphere. Clearly, if it hits the surface at this speed, it is doomed. At this point, communication between NASA and the rover is broken. Unfortunately, this is where it would be most helpful to know what is going on with the rover, seeing as how this is when all of the fun stuff happens. The package deploys a parachute, to slow it down a significant amount, but still not enough. Once it has slowed down enough, jets go off, pointed in the direction of the surface of Mars. Is that enough steps? No, because if the package is lowered with the jets, then the dust blown up towards the package could permanently damage the equipment and make all of the efforts behind it futile. So what happens next? The rover is lowered down on cables while the rest of the package jets off and crashes at a safe distance.

While you are thinking about the steps this package had to undergo in order to succeed, let me recall to your mind the fact that there is still no communication with NASA. All of these are programmed so that the package does it on its own. Now I’ve only ever programmed one thing to do anything, and that was in seventh-grade ‘pre-engineering class’ so it was nowhere near rocket (or rover) science. You skip one little step, and everything goes wrong. Upon going through the steps this package had to perform, I just keep going back to the fact that the people of Earth had no control whatsoever, so if something went wrong, there was no way to correct it. These minutes in the dark were known as the ‘seven minutes of terror.’

On August 6th, 1:00 in the morning, I sat on my laptop, watching the workers at NASA waiting for these seven minutes of terror. When the clock hit 1:30, it started, and it had finally hit me that the animation that was happening on my screen, indicating what was happening, wasn’t just happening on my laptop. This was ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Out there, in the universe, in the solar system, our next-door-neighbor in our solar system.

So next time you’re worrying about the Mike and Ike break up, hoping they’ll get back together, think of how amazing science is. Even if you aren’t a science nerd like me, this is the epitome of awesomeness. It will cheer you up. Thanks for reading, and I hope you are as excited for all of the discoveries coming our way from this rover as I am.