You know what I hate? People. No, not the amazing people who are reading this right now, the ones that do annoying things. I am not hard to get along with, in fact I have learned over the years that I am way too accepting. Saying that, there are still things that tick me off.

For one thing, narrow mindedness. I don’t care what you think about gay marriage, or politics, just don’t act like the pros or cons that you don’t support aren’t actually there. Admit to the negatives of what you believe in, IT’S OKAY, because chances are, there are also positives. And don’t try to change my mind, I can say that maybe certain things shouldn’t happen (I’m not going in to detail) even if there are a few positives that come out of it.

Two, don’t take a stand on something you don’t fully understand. After you watched the Kony 2012 video, did you research it? Probably not, you probably just went with it. If you did research it , power to you! You passed my test, and we can be friends. Even if you didn’t research it, especially if you didn’t research it, I hope you didn’t parade around voicing your beliefs.

Three, USE YOUR WORDS. I’m a shy person, but if I really want someone to know something, I will tell them. Don’t come crying to me if you like that boy over there, and you don’t know if he likes you. ASK HIM, USE YOUR WORDS.

Four, embrace intelligence. Don’t ever dumb yourself down to fit in. Its not worth it. I can not tell you how many times I have heard of people saying ‘my significant other thinks I’m too smart for him/her.’ If they don’t like smart people, then they probably make really boring conversation and aren’t even worth your time. I’m not saying you should only be dating people smarter than you, but if they are not as smart or smarter than you then they should be open to your knowledge.

Five, PDA’s. Fine, kiss your girlfriend in public. Give her a hug too. I don’t have a problem with that. But when I am trying to go for a walk in the park with my dog, I don’t want to see you sucking off her face. Not because it is a painful reminder of how I’m single, but because it is gross. Once I was having a conversation about gay people. Someone had brought up the fact that they don’t want to see a gay couple making out while they are trying to eat dinner. News Flash! I don’t want to see a straight couple doing that either.

Six, if you are in public trying to get somewhere, ACTUALLY MAKE AN EFFORT ON GETTING THERE! I don’t want to be stuck behind someone who can’t walk faster than 1 mile per hour. I have somewhere to go too, and it would be nice if I got there before Thanksgiving. Even worse, don’t be that person that abruptly stops to check a text or e-mail or angry birds notification, because I am walking right behind you, and I am not watching your every move, and I will knock you down. Then it becomes my fault because you can’t wait until you’re not in someones way to look at your phone.

Seven, if you’re going to insult me, do it correctly. The safest way of doing this is using Shakespearean language. If you do so, I will promptly bite my thumb at you. Calling me a nerd is not an insult. In fact, you’re basically saying I am intellectually advanced, which I quite enjoy. Calling someone gay, like in a facebook comment of some sort, is also not an insult. Welcome to the 21st century.

These are only a few that came straight to my mind. I’m sure I missed some so leave a comment telling me what really ticks you off about people.


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