The Zombie Apocalypse?

This is the post that was supposed to be my first, but I had no luck with that now did I? No. So here goes (again). I know by this point you are probably tired of hearing about it, or maybe you are somebody who absolutely loves the idea of it and actually wants it to happen. This won’t be one of my posts where I get too intelligent and dissect everything, the main reason being that I think the possibility of it is pretty awesome.

Set aside the fact that I’d probably die, not because I’m not awesome enough to survive, but because the odds will not be in my favor. Wouldn’t it be awesome? Martial law is something I think would be fun to experience at some point. I know not everybody thinks that way, but come on, think about it. You can get what you want, no money, and you might even get to kill a few a**holes in the process. Is there any better way to feel bada**? I’ve never really liked shooting guns, but I could definitely get used to it.

You don’t have to stick with your family, you can somehow convince them you’ve been bitten and you can leave. They will let you. That is, unless you want to stay with your family. You can find a crew. Talk about strategy? You can’t be alone. You would need someone to watch your back, and in return you watch their back.

My biggest hope is that if anything like this does happen, humanity won’t scatter like cockroaches. Hopefully they would try to save civilization, and people won’t just kill everybody in sight, viewing them as threats.

My little brother took me out to the woods the other day, and he showed me his ‘zombie shelter.’ This thing is made out of a fallen tree, old tires, any trash that they could find out there. It is adorable how his friends and him did that with their time. Instead of staying inside all day playing video games or surfing the web, they hiked out into the woods every day, crossed the creek, scavenged for scraps that they could use, and assembling them to make this little fort. To take it a step further, if the apocalypse does happen, each of these kids has a post and a job to ensure each of their safety. It blew my mind what these kids could accomplish. Maybe we should pay more attention to this generation, they could be capable of amazing things if they put their energy towards it.

What about you? Do think it’ll ever happen? What would you do if it did? Leave a comment, let me know.


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