Today, I was asked a question that most people wouldn’t have difficulty answering. The question was ‘what is something you have done to disobey your parents wishes?’ Easy, right? WRONG. I’m a goody-goody, always have been, always will be. How am I supposed to write about me disobeying my parents when I never really did. Well, I’m sure I must have at some point. Everybody does, but I have no memory of disobeying them. I ended up having to make up a story about jumping on the bed. Well, it wasn’t totally made up, but I wasn’t in the original version. It was my brothers that were jumping on their beds when the genius younger one jumped too high and chipped his tooth on the fan. I took my older brother out of the story and pretended that was me. 

The truth is, though, I am such a coward. I don’t want to hear it from my parents if I do something wrong. I always do what they tell me unless I forget, which isn’t really being disobedient, it’s just being forgetful. The only thing my parents have ever told me that I’ve done wrong was peel the wallpaper off the walls when I was younger, and it’s not like my parents ever sat me down and said ‘don’t peel the wallpaper off the walls’ so that isn’t disobedient. That’s being a baby. I kind of wish that I had disobeyed them at some point though, some story that I could tell and be like ‘kids do the darndest things.’ But no, I was, and forever will remain, the most boring person in the history of the universe- unless I’m hyper, I get pretty interesting when I’m hyper. 


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