The Meaning of Life

Water. Four. Love. What is the meaning of life? I’d say it’s perspective. Or maybe it’s not mixing up the ‘d’ key and the ‘s’ key while blogging. No, I won’t get off topic again, I have something to say, I promise.

Perspective. That’s what it’s all about. You can go through life hating every second of it, or you can look at the bright side. What brought on this blog topic? Spongebob. That’s right, this is what happens to a girl when she babysits her neighbor’s six year old daughter all weekend. The blog ends up being inspired by Spongebob. If you have no idea what I mean, then you haven’t payed close enough attention to the show. When you think about it, he is almost always happy. His neighbor hates him, he has a crumby job with a colleague who hates him along with little to no pay, his snail is smarter than he is, he has probably tried to get his license more than a million times to no avail, and the only person who is more stupid than he is is his best friend. Spongebob is almost the very definition of an optimist. If you were put in Spongebob’s shoes, you would hate your life so much and you would probably complain on a daily basis. I know I would. But maybe we shouldn’t be that way. You can’t go through life with a Squidward state of mind. So my motto for the week is WWSD (What Would Spongebob Do)? Your life will turn out the way you want to if you look at it from the right angle. And I know sometimes we go through hardships and we find it hard to see the silver lining to things, but eventually you’ll find it.  Next time you think life couldn’t get any worse, think of Spongebob. How would he respond?


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