Narrow Minds

Honestly, I’m just tired of people at this point. I can argue all day long about things like gay marriage. I really can, but please don’t ask me to write an essay about it. Oops, too late. Stupid history. I am so sick of people making a big deal out of this. Nothing is wrong with gay marriage. Really, even if you’re straight (which I am) there is no reason to be against it. I asked my dad what he thought about it, and his response was, after looking at his wife, “I wouldn’t do it.” Yeah, yeah, real funny dad.

Maybe we can blame my standpoint on the fact that I’m a theater dork and a total sucker for the arts which means I am constantly around gays. So if you think there’s an issue with gay people in general, I would as you to kindly BACK THE FUCK OFF because it really has nothing to do with you.  And honestly I don’t want to bring the constitution into this, because I know it doesn’t deserve to be in the middle of this argument, but it says that every citizen gets equal rights. That means if a straight man has the right to marry a straight woman, then a gay man should be able to marry a gay man.

If you have some religious issue with it, then that’s your right. I get it. So take it up with the church, not the freaking government, because any law banning gay marriage will most likely be considered unconstitutional by the judicial branch. This, of course, coming from an American in case someone from the U.K is reading or something. Because, you know, our government isn’t the same for all countries.

Anyway, it really ticks me off and you may have noticed by the appearance of the ‘f-word,’ or the capital letters, or the fact that this blog is being uploaded on Sunday instead of my usual Monday blog. Really gay rights are no different than women’s rights or African-American’s rights. this movement will end like all the others, so when will the country learn? Evidently, never. I swear I can’t take it. If one more narrow minded prick says another snide comment about my gay best friend they will seriously get my fist shoved down their throat. This is coming from the Goody-Goody who you read that blog from lord know how long ago.

In case you were wondering, yes, there was a jerk I almost punched in the throat. But my friend was with me and he would have stopped me, so I didn’t. This jerk had said something to my friend along the lines of “Hey, do you like penis?” to which I responded with “Hey, do you like my fist in your throat?” in a very angry tone. This guy I think considered me a friend before that point, and he was sadly mistaken. Lucky for him, though, my friend hadn’t heard him, because after I had threatened him, my gay friend turned to me and said “What did he say?” If he had heard and been offended by what that jerk had said, I would have jumped him.

Long story short, don’t be like that jerk. Don’t be a butt-head that I write about on here. Not that any of the butt-heads I write about know how to read well enough to understand my blog or are smart enough to work the internet, but still. I’ll be back Monday unless I get some unexpected inspiration that I can’t wait to share with you. Until that time, screw the butt-heads and smile as often as possible. See you soon with hopefully a happier message.



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