Guess who’s looking at colleges? Me! And guess who is totally intimidated and scared and terrified and stressed out about it? You guessed it, me!

(Just to let you know, I decided I would post this Monday even though I posted yesterday because I had to get this out somehow)

Some colleges are starting to look like guessing games, they let in kids with a low SAT score and turn away kids with high SAT scores. That’s scary to me. I like to know what my chances are when applying to a college. That’s hard to tell because you know that something in those kids with the low SAT scores interested the college enough to let them in. So how do I interest colleges? Beats me.

I know that even if you’ve read all of my blogs which, let’s face it, you have enough of a life not to have done that. If you have, then I am so sorry and you must have a high tolerance for people. Anyway, I should tell you that I’m currently fifteen and a sophomore in high school. I didn’t say anything about this for two reasons. 1) It didn’t come up and I didn’t find it significant. 2) Nobody wants to read a blog written by a teenage girl that they assume will be about high school and relationships and bleh, because that’s not really what the blogosphere is about.

I have broken this attempt at keeping my age a secret only to turn to the people of the internet for help. By help, I don’t mean encouragement, I mean HELP. Tell me if you’ve been to college, and what you know about getting admitted into one. Throw out the names of some good ones. Literally any bit of information you can think of about colleges. Seriously every bit of advice helps and please don’t read this without commenting. You have to know more than I do. I’m seriously going crazy here. Even if you don’t think you know anything that can be of assistance, please send this blog to someone you think can be. I don’t usually ask people to share my blogs but this would be extremely beneficial to me. Save me some gray hairs here.

I should tell you that I am in all honors classes and have been since I’ve started high school (wow, I’m so worked up over this that the first time I wrote this, I typed ‘college’ instead of ‘high school.’ Good thing I proofread). I get honor roll grades (all A’s and B’s) unless you count midterms and finals in honor roll, because I get an occasional C in them. I wasn’t in any ‘clubs’ last year but this year I have joined chemistry club so I’m looking for colleges that have particularly good science programs (it would be cool if along with a great science program, they have decent arts programs. I really want to be a singer or actress, but you know this is the whole ‘career to fall back on’ thing). I’m also in chorus and concert chorus but I have a feeling that won’t help me much.

One last thing, before you comment (you better comment) is that I don’t care about distance from home AT ALL. Seriously I am looking at a college on the other side of the country from where I live literally, so don’t hold back. Please help me!



  1. I think your grades will be just fine to get into any college you’d like. Just be sure to have professional letters of reference. I attended a very small private college and received an associate degree of applied science. Unfortunately I do not like the career that I chose and will be going back to school to earn a degree for creative writing. Writing has always been my passion and at the age of 32, I am finally going to pursue something that I love. So be sure that you choose wisely. Also, never give up your dream of being a singer and/or actress. My husband has wanted to be an actor for many years, but is just now pursuing it and regrets waiting. There’s so much more opportunity for the young. Best of luck to you! đŸ™‚


    1. Thanks for the words! My favorite comment thus far. Oh. . . wait, its the only comment. Oh well, the statement still stands. Haha


  2. Sweetheart, you’re a sophomore, at this point you should focus more on getting good grades than college. Next year is when all the college craziness happens. Enjoy the free moments while they last!


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