The Hurricane Chronicles

Just a warning, I live in an area that is being pounded by hurricane Sandy very, very soon. I mean, it’s started already, but seeing as how I still have electricity and the middle of the storm is supposed to be over my county at ten o’clock tonight, I’m going to assume that it will get much, much worse. 

The thing with where I live is, it’s extremely inconvenient. Everything is so far away, my house is surrounded by trees, and there is nowhere to go if we have to leave unless we want a three and a half hour road trip. About the trees, they can be an issue. Want to know about our families luck? A few years ago a tree fell on our shed, smashed it to pieces. It was actually really funny, until we had to pay for a whole new shed and find another place to put it. The part that’s really funny, though, is that where it is right now, it will probably happen again. The only place we could possibly put it where it definitely won’t get crushed by a tree is right in the middle of our front lawn. Some lawn ornament, huh?

Here goes another  funny story. This morning, the family was sitting around the T.V. watching the news, wondering what was going on in other areas as anybody would be. All of the sudden, we hear two thumps on the door. Something along the lines of the sound you would expect if you saw a cat run straight into a window. We have two cats, so we thought it was a cat. Of course, as any concerned animal owner would, we went to investigate. the sound was coming from our front door, our cats nowhere in sight. We open the door to find a bird, standing up from laying on our front step. A bird flew into our house and hit our door. My family doesn’t have the best luck with birds, but I’ll save those stories for another blog. 

So what did the family do to prepare for the storm? Aside from taking in the lawn furniture and anything that we would lose in the storm, we did pretty much nothing. Bought batteries for flash lights, found every candle in the house, and I mean EVERY candle in the house, and stocked up on food.

Plans for dealing with the hurricane, you ask? Welcome to the other category preparedness plan. Sit in your room, reading blogs, utilizing the internet while you have it, and wait for the power to go out. No, this won’t fly in my house though, because I live in the house of paranoid parents. Every time I go downstairs, I get pictures shoved in my face of areas near mine that are totally flooded. Then you get worried, hope that the little family that you have that lives in the state is faring well with the storm, go back to your room, and then get lost in the blogosphere again. Then rinse and repeat. When the power does go out, you curl up next to a candle or two and read a book, waiting for the power to come back on.

Look at the world you are in right now. How much of it depends on electricity? A lot. I had to plan my homework around anticipated power outages because I have to turn in papers and projects over the internet. Of course, if they’re late and I say ‘I had no power’ then my teacher will say something along the lines of ‘You knew about this assignment for days before it was due, so you should have turned it in earlier’ and then I can kiss my hopes for straight A’s goodbye. (In case you’re wondering, my lowest grade right now is a 90, in the class that I had all the assignments due. Stupid history. At my school, a 90 is a B, the lowest A you can get is a 93.)

Believe it or not, I figured my power would go out last night, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to post today. Imaging my excitement when I wake up to find I still have all power and full internet access. It surprised me so much, honestly our power goes out so often, it’s annoying.

Well it sounds like the wind is picking up so I’m going to post this before the I lose the internet. See you next week.


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