Another Monday

Here we are, another Monday, another blog day. I feel it’s necessary to explain to you why I chose Monday as my blog day. No, it is not because I hate myself. It isn’t that I was punishing myself for something horrible I’ve done. I didn’t chose the worst day of the week in order to torture myself.


Here’s how it is:

Monday’s suck. That’s common knowledge. That’s something everybody knows.


Then, what I do, is I go on to wordpress and my Monday sucks a bit less. It still sucks, just. . . you know. .  .it doesn’t suck as much (sorry wordpress, but I must not tell lies). My goal to get your Monday to suck even less. Hopefully get a chuckle out of you, or just make you feel better about yourself because let’s be honest, you’re probably less of a loser than I am.


I chose today because I know, for a fact, that nobody sane will wake up on a Monday and go “Yay, it’s Monday! Today is awesome. I’m going to go to work/school today and be totally content. I probably won’t even need any coffee or any source of caffeine because I am just that energized!”


It just doesn’t happen. Just. . . .no.


And most people probably won’t smile for the first three hours of being awake on a Monday because that’s how bad it is. This isn’t a hyperbole, this is just how it is.

So let’s all wander over and see what theothercategoy is posting today. Let’s see what unfortunate event or tale is being shared with us. It will make us feel better about ourselves, because we aren’t as pathetic as that.


Today’s tale is just the tale of getting this post up. I am currently, as I type this very word, in my ‘music theory class.’ Why the quotes? Because today our teacher is conducting our choir in the veterans day assembly that will be going down in a matter of minutes. Lucky for me, our music theory classroom is also our band room.

Coincidentally, our band room has about ten computers here for the purpose of not having to hand-write whatever music we are writing. So I come in to class and realize ‘oh, we’re doing nothing today. Good because it’s a Monday and I don’t feel like learning (See how I fit that in?)’ I continue over to the computer that I always sit at and log on to wordpress. ‘This is great, I can update wordpress and I won’t even have to waste the battery on my laptop, because that battery dies really fast.’ But no, because our school’s computers never function correctly, it gave me a hard time.

I swear, technology hates me. anyway, I typed about half of this post, or what I had planned for this post, and then it decided to spazz out. It, out of nowhere, decided it needed to refresh the page ALL BY ITSELF. And to make matters worse, some idiot student here changed the cursor to a banana. When something is loading, it peels itself ‘OMG, ISN’T THAT JUST FREAKING ADORABLE?!?!?!’ No, it’s not. It’s annoying, get it off my monitor.


I had to wait for at least five minutes, bearing in mind that I would still have to upload pictures and finish writing the post. Then it did that whole ‘this program had to end now, however inconvenient it is for the user of this computer.’ Thanks man, really thanks. I had to log out of my user before even logging off of wordpress, so I had to log back on once the computer sorted itself and log off of my wordpress account. Then start all over on my wimpy little laptop.

I sincerely hope your Monday is going better than mine so far.



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