Things to Do

Every week I post a new blog, every Monday. I stick to that because it’s the only structure I have really set up for myself. Usually, after I post, I’ll float around in the blogging world, read blogs, comment, like; the normal. I didn’t get to do much of that last week.

Life starts getting in the way sometimes, and you can’t really stop it. I’ve had quite a bit of preparing to do for auditions for the school musical (wish me luck, next Tuesday is my audition), for this talent show thing at an old folks’ home that my best friend is organizing and forcing me to sing at, and quite a few quizzes and tests.

However, I will not let life get in the way of my weekly blog. Mostly because I know one blog a week isn’t much to ask of myself because some of you crazy cats out there blog every stinking day. That’s crazy. One blog a week isn’t much, and it keeps me from totally spamming the feed of all of my lovely followers, so I’m not going to stop, even if I only get one view a week.

I’m not used to having a life, and I presume it won’t last long once the new year is in (gosh the time went by fast, didn’t it?). I can’t be sure, though, because I will have to do rehearsals for the play. At least I’ll have something to actually blog about, right? (Here come the theater dork posts).

P.S. I think it’s worth mentioning that I considered calling this post “stuff to do” or “stuff got in the way” but I decided against it because any sentence or title that contains the word ‘stuff’ just makes me cringe for some reason. It’s a horrible word, really.


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