We all know what happened, unless you’ve been living under a rock. I’m not going to explain it any further than saying it was another shooting. I don’t know all of the specifics because I just couldn’t stand hearing anything after “A shooting at a school.” It was yet another cruel reminder that no matter how safe you think you and your family are, you are always potentially in danger. Just another reason to say I love you to everyone you love and to hug them every chance you get. My dad had the news on all day, and I didn’t hear about it until I got to choir, 8th period the day it happened because it happened while I was in school.

The only reason I knew is because some girl in my class was on facebook on her phone in 7th period and told everyone about how it was all over her news feed. When I got home, it was on the news on the T.V, I didn’t get home until like five. I came down from my room for something to eat at six and sat in front of the T.V for two minutes before my dad told me – as in a command, not just a suggestion – to change the channel. He told me he was tired of hearing about it and it just killed him to listen to everyone talking about it.

I just thought I’d upload a bit today before my post tomorrow, to say that the victims and their families are in my prayers.


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