The Good and The Bad

I’ve got some news, both good and bad. I’ll write the good and bad news that correspond with each other, bad news first, followed by the good news.

Bad News: my laptop hates me. It isn’t letting me charge it unless I mess with it a lot, so I’m not going to be able to use it as regularly as I used to. This, of course, means that my blogs might not be coming exactly the same way that they used to. I will try to stick to my usual schedule, though.

Good News: not that many people read my blog anyway, so I highly doubt too many people will miss it. Also, I have my mom’s laptop to use until I get another one, so if there are any typos, give me a break. She had a really weird keyboard.

Bad News: some people might consider this good news, but in the sense that it might further hinder my blogging abilities, it’s bad news. I’m kind of getting a life (for further explanation, keep reading).

Good News: I tried out for my school musical for the first time in two years, and I got a callback. This means (for those of you who have never participated in drama club, you poor things) that I have to re-audition so that the director and student directors can figure out what role they want me to play. Yes, I am officially a part of the cast and I have my script.

Bad News: The part I ended up with is super minor and not really worth being in the play.

Good News: There is this competition called Poetry Out Loud. Everyone in my school is required to recite poetry at least once in the classroom every year, and then your teacher decides whether or not you are good enough to move on to semi-finals. About three or four kids per class go through to semi-finals. I recited a poem called ‘The Way It Sometimes Is’ by Henry Taylor and my teacher pushed me to the semi-finals. I just got the results that out of my entire high school (about 800 kids) I came in second. Hooray (especially because there is this ongoing competition between my brother and I to see who makes it further in the competition and he didn’t even make the top ten which means he isn’t even in finals).

Bad News: Finals are in January and now I have to learn another poem in addition to remembering the one I already presented. (At times it is like watching a face you have just met. . . . look up the poem for the rest).

To sum it all up, these are my excuses, in advance, for when I fail to update my blog on a regular basis.

P.S: just a question I’ve been meaning to ask fellow bloggers. Is it acceptable for me to follow my own blog? Every time I go to update my blog, it gives me the option to follow it, and I am not sure if that will make me look like an asshole that enjoys her own writing too much, or if it’s ordinary.


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