Life of a New Jerseyan

I live in New Jersey, and before you start going ahead with your preconceived notions, I am not anything like any member of the cast of Jersey Shore. I thought I’d tell you this because, well, I’m sick of visiting other states and hearing “OH You’re from New Jersey. *gasp* HAVE YOU EVER MET SNOOKI?!”

No, I haven’t, and I pray that I never do. I like to surround myself with people that have a decent capacity for intelligence. Also, for the record, I’m pretty sure the cast is made up of New Yorkers. They were just dropped in the middle of New Jersey because they thought it would make a cool show. Pathetic. I haven’t actually watched the show, and I wouldn’t be able to sit through it even if I wanted to research it just for the sake of this post, but I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere.

Let’s get this straight, New Jersey is nothing like anything you have ever seen on that show, and the citizens of New Jersey are fine people, I promise.  Well, at least here in South Jersey  they are, I don’t know about North Jersey, us southerners kind of have a beef with them.

The moral of the story is, if you’re planning on visiting the great state of New Jersey, come to the southern part. Preferably Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and so on and so forth. Cape May is nice too. Growing up, I spent most of my summers in Wildwood after an excruciatingly long and torturous car ride with my family of six, so if you ask me, this will be my first response. It doesn’t look like much when you get there, but they have awesome food, awesome people, awesome beaches, and, most importantly, the best boardwalk. Plus if you go there in the summer, you might just bump into me!

Moral Number Two is please don’t ask anyone if they are visiting from New Jersey (assuming you don’t live in New Jersey, of course) if they have met Snooki, or Pauli D, or. . . freaking. . . I don’t know, who else is on that show? The Situation! Whatever his real name is. Odds are if the person who is visiting travels often, they’ve been asked this enough times to make them want to punch you in your throat as soon as the words leave your mouth. Yeah. It’s that obnoxious.

Third, not really a moral, just something we should all be thankful for: the show is no longer being taped. It’s been cancelled!!! Thank God!

I just hope, for the sake of this state, that the cast went back to New York, where they belong. No offence to anyone living there, I just think since it’s a larger state there is more room for the. . . let’s be nice and call them ‘less than desirables.’

On a sort of unrelated note but not all that unrelated at all, has anyone else heard about all of the states threatening to secede  I’m not trying to be ‘Captain Obvious’ here, I just was shocked when I heard. I mean honestly? What does that say to people? That when we don’t get our way we act like three-year-olds and run away pouting? Seriously? Maybe I don’t totally understand, but New Jersey is one of the states petitioning and I think it is stupid.

And has anyone else noticed how much more aggressive the people who hate Obama are than those who hate Mitt Romney? This is coming from a totally neutral point of view since I’m not technically registered to vote yet (only 15 years old here) so please don’t accuse me of being a democrat, but I can definitely sympathize. I mean is it just me, or are the republicans much more aggressive than the democrats? And again, no offence to republicans, I feel like someone is going to read this and just go bonkers at me. Honestly, I’m not exactly from a family of democrats, quite the opposite, so if anything I could be sticking up for republicans, but I really can’t justify acting like a bunch of toddlers (I know it isn’t all republicans, it’s just the ones who shouldn’t be in charge of anything).

**P.S: I wrote this a while ago, so reading it I realize that you might think I’m a bit slow on the draw. It has just been gathering dust in my drafts folder and I thought I’d post it without taking any of that stuff out since I have a habit of sticking my two-cents where they don’t belong. Also, since I know you’ve read the whole blog and have made it to this point without getting bored, thanks for reading! You get a cookie if you leave a comment.**


Knowing Everything

Some people spend too much time trying to make sense of the world. Some people can’t leave well-enough alone. Does anyone ever consider the idea that maybe we don’t need to know how everything happens? Has anyone ever thought ‘maybe this world just doesn’t make sense, and that’s fine with us’? Think about it; why do we need to know everything? Honestly, why do we find it necessary to know how everything works? Didn’t we create the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We don’t necessarily need to know about the make-up of atoms; electrons, protons, and neutrons aren’t things we absolutely need to understand in order to survive.

Let’s go back to the basics: let’s leave it at ‘this plant isn’t poisonous and you can eat it’s fruit. This plant is poisonous and you can’t eat it’s fruit.’ I like the idea of being able to just make up a story off the top of your head that is entertaining to explain to your kids how people came to be. Wondering how things came about is natural, and so is wanting to know more about the world, but at what point in time do we really need to know why gravity pulls us to the planet or what the other planets in our solar system are made out of? As a human race; as the homo sapiens of the universe, will this information ever really benefit us. And I don’t mean short term, as in “If you learn this now, then you can have that job in the future,” I mean overall, in conclusion, finally, in the end; how is this going to help?

That being said; I’d like to know how everything works. I am one of those people. Everyone tells me that I’m too analytic and that I need to just drop things sometimes. When things don’t make sense, it irks me. Things like ‘why isn’t the red line coming up under the word irk’ or ‘why in the world am I getting follows after a post that I know sucked’?

There isn’t really a way to explain why I can’t handle not understanding things. Let’s give an example. You know how sometimes, when you get a glass of ice water, the ice stays at the bottom because it is pushed against the cup and it will stay there until a bit of it melts and it can float up to the top? I can’t look at it without twitching with my knowledge of physics. Don’t even get me started. When that happens, I have to set the cup down on the counter with a bang so that the vibrations will free the ice and let it float back up to the top, where it belongs.

Yes, I’m insane, you don’t have to tell me. It gets to the point sometimes where I have to just sit down and think about it. I may have been born in the wrong generation, because quite frankly if I’m trying to solve a question that I just came up with, I feel like a failure if I look it up on the web. Isn’t my generation just supposed to turn to Google for everything? Even if it’s something that there is no way I will figure out. For example: why do people with tourettes only say/do offensive things?

I realize this might sound out of the blue, but I was watching taboo, and there was a guy with tourettes on the show, and he kept swearing and flipping the bird. I must have sat there for a solid half-hour thinking ‘there must be something in the brain that categorizes certain gestures and phrases as inappropriate or not socially acceptable, and the syndrome taps in to that part of the brain and forces you to perform them.’ You never see someone with tourettes walking down the street saying something like “You have pretty eyes!” or just an incomprehensible link of words that don’t make sense like “Kettle purple dog was flying hope jump treadmill!” I still haven’t looked up the explanation.

Just a Theory

Yes, a theory. Because I’m a nerd and I like science, therefore I use the term theory in everyday life. But in order to tell you the theory, I must first tell you how I came up with it.

I have been getting down on myself lately, for typical nerd reason. You see, if I’m not writing creatively, then I kind of feel like I’m not serving my purpose in life. . . but the reason I haven’t been writing so much lately is that now, I have a life.


It never really registered with me that, in terms of my writing skills, that isn’t really a bad thing. Having plans and living life gives you inspiration, it gives you instances to write about, it helps you create stories to write. I read in a blog once, someone was telling a first-time blogger not to be upset if they can’t stick to a schedule because life gets in the way sometimes. I don’t think it’s really getting in the way though, I think it’s showing us, and helping us to be better at what we do.

I used to be a horrible writer, I mean seriously extremely boring and lamely sticking to the rules. If I saw a green line on Microsoft Word under dialogue I had to make it disappear, even if what that character wound up saying doesn’t sound like something you would hear from an actual person ever. Now I know better, I’m more experienced  and I have made all of these observations from reading others that I can use to improve myself. For the most part, the more time I put between now and the next time I write, the more professional that writing will be.  Not to mention that in the future when I’m writing, I will be older and wiser.

library shelves

I’m not posting this so much for others as I am myself. I know that somewhere down the road, once I am back in the swing of things and am writing more on a schedule, this will happen all over again and I’ll get frustrated with myself. This post is for me and anyone out there similar to me who has this problem, just for us to know that it’s okay to live your life even if it gets in the way of writing. That Word document or notebook will be there when you’re done, and you can take it from where you left off with all of these new ideas you’ve gained from actually being out there in the world.


The last piece of information I want to share is that I came to the blogosphere with this stroke of genius (yes, I mean that sarcastically, only because I can never refer to myself in any tone but sarcasm) because I had nowhere else to go. Nobody in my life shares a love of writing the way that I do, and I suppose I could share it with my English teacher, but he’s much less of a writer and much more of a reader. Plus I don’t talk to him much about anything not regarding school so I feel like that would be an awkward conversation. That may have come across way more whiny than I wanted it to, so let me just explain that I’m saying it because I like that I have this outlet for my writing. Even my writing that’ s not all that good. It’s somewhere to go where I know there are fellow writers and people who understand and are interested when you talk about reading or writing or creativity. We have that here, and as far as I’m concerned that’s the best community I know of.

It Happens

I’m going to start this by telling you that this was not what I planned to write today, but there was a writing prompt that asked ‘Where were you when the clock struck twelve and it was officially 2013? Was it where you wanted to be?’

HELL NO! You want to know where I was? In my living room, surrounded by ill, contagious family members. Not even all of my family, I’m pretty sure it was just my parents. And you know what else?! We weren’t even watching anything related to the New Years!!! New Years Rockin’ Eve? NOPE! NOT WITHOUT DICK CLARK YOU DON’T!

I wish that I was paying attention to the clock when it became the long anticipated 2013, but I didn’t even realize it was the new year until about 15 minutes afterwords. I wasn’t sick at the time, but I may as well have been. I couldn’t do anything if the rest of my family wasn’t. My friend, though, was going to a party and invited me along. It would have worked so well! I knew the people, they were some of the parents to the kids on my little brother’s football team, and we are the ‘football gang.’ His parents were going to give me a ride (they love me, they’re smart like that) and I was going to actually have a good time. But could I go? No, because of my own stupid luck, I didn’t realize that he texted me about 5 times asking if I could come with him, and didn’t respond until it was too late. Well done, Katie. Well done.

Let’s list the number of traditions I missed out on this year on New Years. Champagne. Just a sip, because it’s pretty disgusting. It’s supposedly good luck to bring in the new year with just a sip of champagne. Another one is the first dinner of the new year. On January first of every year, my family has pork and sauerkraut because again it’s good luck. However, I can’t get within two feet of sauerkraut without wanting to throw up and I couldn’t eat the pork for reasons I’ve mentioned about a million times on this blog.

Without getting too far into it, I’m just going to sum it up by saying that your pal, 2013, and I got off on the wrong foot. It’ll get better, though. There’s a lot of year left and I intend on making the most of it. What about you?

I Apologize

I’m sure that very few of you, if not, none of you really wake up on Mondays thinking ‘Oh yay, The Other Category is posting today!’ However, I feel the need to apologize for not posting on Monday. If you were wondering why I didn’t,  then just go back and read my more recent posts, my excuses are in there. And if they aren’t enough then I’ll add to them right now. I just got a new laptop and am just now figuring out how it works (it runs on windows 8, so the task is easier said than done). Also, I am a teenager and I am a student in high school, where the teachers are bad and the pupils are worse. I am working on being a straight A student, and it’s not going too bad right now.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have an algebra 2 project due on Monday along with an English project (on the typical high school play Oedipus), I would probably have free time to spend blogging and writing and memorizing poetry and playing music. However, these are two of the classes I am getting very (very,very) high B’s in, so I have to do well on these projects to come up to an A. If you were wondering, there is only one other class that I am not getting an A in, which is coincidentally the same class that I currently have the lowest grade in (91) is history. Have ever mentioned I hate history?

Are you net satisfied with my excuses so far? Well let me think, musical season has started up, so I’ve been busy preparing for shows. Also I have to recite poetry this upcoming Thursday, and I barely know my second poem. Although I do know my first one like the back of my hand. My second poem is unbearably long, it’s called To Live With a Landscape by Constance Urdang. Wish me luck. I’ll have a new post up this Monday, I promise.