I Apologize

I’m sure that very few of you, if not, none of you really wake up on Mondays thinking ‘Oh yay, The Other Category is posting today!’ However, I feel the need to apologize for not posting on Monday. If you were wondering why I didn’t,  then just go back and read my more recent posts, my excuses are in there. And if they aren’t enough then I’ll add to them right now. I just got a new laptop and am just now figuring out how it works (it runs on windows 8, so the task is easier said than done). Also, I am a teenager and I am a student in high school, where the teachers are bad and the pupils are worse. I am working on being a straight A student, and it’s not going too bad right now.

If it weren’t for the fact that I have an algebra 2 project due on Monday along with an English project (on the typical high school play Oedipus), I would probably have free time to spend blogging and writing and memorizing poetry and playing music. However, these are two of the classes I am getting very (very,very) high B’s in, so I have to do well on these projects to come up to an A. If you were wondering, there is only one other class that I am not getting an A in, which is coincidentally the same class that I currently have the lowest grade in (91) is history. Have ever mentioned I hate history?

Are you net satisfied with my excuses so far? Well let me think, musical season has started up, so I’ve been busy preparing for shows. Also I have to recite poetry this upcoming Thursday, and I barely know my second poem. Although I do know my first one like the back of my hand. My second poem is unbearably long, it’s called To Live With a Landscape by Constance Urdang. Wish me luck. I’ll have a new post up this Monday, I promise.



  1. I hate history too. I can’t memorize to save my life, and that makes some english classes a pain too. I love math, science (especially physics), and computer classes though. Any types for memorizing, or just getting around memorizing?
    ~ J


    1. English class isn’t too bad this year, of course it always depends on the teacher. I really like English, although I do agree that when it comes to memorizing, it can be a pain. I’ve brought it up to an A in history though, YAY. 🙂


      1. Good job!!! My english teacher is pretty hard, she has HORRIBLE vocab tests. those killed my first semester. My history class isn’t to bad, but still, if you have any tips for it, I’d love any help ya got. Oh, hey, any tips you got for how to figure out who to ask to a winter formal as a friend? and how to ask? Thanks, love your blog, agree with everything you post
        ~ J

      2. Basically, for history I just study like crazy. Flash cards, flash cards, flash cards. Also pay attention, and especially when the teacher is talking about what is important for tests and such. As for tips asking people to the winter formal, I would say just make it someone you know well and be casual about it, don’t make to big of a deal about it if you’re only going as friends. I hope this helps, especially since I don’t do dances so I don’t know much in the area. I’m glad you were entertained by my words 🙂

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