It Happens

I’m going to start this by telling you that this was not what I planned to write today, but there was a writing prompt that asked ‘Where were you when the clock struck twelve and it was officially 2013? Was it where you wanted to be?’

HELL NO! You want to know where I was? In my living room, surrounded by ill, contagious family members. Not even all of my family, I’m pretty sure it was just my parents. And you know what else?! We weren’t even watching anything related to the New Years!!! New Years Rockin’ Eve? NOPE! NOT WITHOUT DICK CLARK YOU DON’T!

I wish that I was paying attention to the clock when it became the long anticipated 2013, but I didn’t even realize it was the new year until about 15 minutes afterwords. I wasn’t sick at the time, but I may as well have been. I couldn’t do anything if the rest of my family wasn’t. My friend, though, was going to a party and invited me along. It would have worked so well! I knew the people, they were some of the parents to the kids on my little brother’s football team, and we are the ‘football gang.’ His parents were going to give me a ride (they love me, they’re smart like that) and I was going to actually have a good time. But could I go? No, because of my own stupid luck, I didn’t realize that he texted me about 5 times asking if I could come with him, and didn’t respond until it was too late. Well done, Katie. Well done.

Let’s list the number of traditions I missed out on this year on New Years. Champagne. Just a sip, because it’s pretty disgusting. It’s supposedly good luck to bring in the new year with just a sip of champagne. Another one is the first dinner of the new year. On January first of every year, my family has pork and sauerkraut because again it’s good luck. However, I can’t get within two feet of sauerkraut without wanting to throw up and I couldn’t eat the pork for reasons I’ve mentioned about a million times on this blog.

Without getting too far into it, I’m just going to sum it up by saying that your pal, 2013, and I got off on the wrong foot. It’ll get better, though. There’s a lot of year left and I intend on making the most of it. What about you?



  1. It can only go up from there, right? ;p

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to spring. Blame the random temperature jump (sadly going away now).


  2. Honestly, having a great new years may start everything positive, but I would rather have a kind of ‘ehh’ new years and go up from there than an awesome new years that goes down soon after. I’ve had both. The best option is to have an awesome new years, and an awesome year, but that’s kinda hard to manage.
    ~ J


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