Knowing Everything

Some people spend too much time trying to make sense of the world. Some people can’t leave well-enough alone. Does anyone ever consider the idea that maybe we don’t need to know how everything happens? Has anyone ever thought ‘maybe this world just doesn’t make sense, and that’s fine with us’? Think about it; why do we need to know everything? Honestly, why do we find it necessary to know how everything works? Didn’t we create the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’? We don’t necessarily need to know about the make-up of atoms; electrons, protons, and neutrons aren’t things we absolutely need to understand in order to survive.

Let’s go back to the basics: let’s leave it at ‘this plant isn’t poisonous and you can eat it’s fruit. This plant is poisonous and you can’t eat it’s fruit.’ I like the idea of being able to just make up a story off the top of your head that is entertaining to explain to your kids how people came to be. Wondering how things came about is natural, and so is wanting to know more about the world, but at what point in time do we really need to know why gravity pulls us to the planet or what the other planets in our solar system are made out of? As a human race; as the homo sapiens of the universe, will this information ever really benefit us. And I don’t mean short term, as in “If you learn this now, then you can have that job in the future,” I mean overall, in conclusion, finally, in the end; how is this going to help?

That being said; I’d like to know how everything works. I am one of those people. Everyone tells me that I’m too analytic and that I need to just drop things sometimes. When things don’t make sense, it irks me. Things like ‘why isn’t the red line coming up under the word irk’ or ‘why in the world am I getting follows after a post that I know sucked’?

There isn’t really a way to explain why I can’t handle not understanding things. Let’s give an example. You know how sometimes, when you get a glass of ice water, the ice stays at the bottom because it is pushed against the cup and it will stay there until a bit of it melts and it can float up to the top? I can’t look at it without twitching with my knowledge of physics. Don’t even get me started. When that happens, I have to set the cup down on the counter with a bang so that the vibrations will free the ice and let it float back up to the top, where it belongs.

Yes, I’m insane, you don’t have to tell me. It gets to the point sometimes where I have to just sit down and think about it. I may have been born in the wrong generation, because quite frankly if I’m trying to solve a question that I just came up with, I feel like a failure if I look it up on the web. Isn’t my generation just supposed to turn to Google for everything? Even if it’s something that there is no way I will figure out. For example: why do people with tourettes only say/do offensive things?

I realize this might sound out of the blue, but I was watching taboo, and there was a guy with tourettes on the show, and he kept swearing and flipping the bird. I must have sat there for a solid half-hour thinking ‘there must be something in the brain that categorizes certain gestures and phrases as inappropriate or not socially acceptable, and the syndrome taps in to that part of the brain and forces you to perform them.’ You never see someone with tourettes walking down the street saying something like “You have pretty eyes!” or just an incomprehensible link of words that don’t make sense like “Kettle purple dog was flying hope jump treadmill!” I still haven’t looked up the explanation.



  1. Maybe it changes your perceptions, but not your reactions. Like suddenly hearing everyone around you as really loud and obnoxious, and you get angry and react by swearing and stuff.


    1. I think I would have to actually talk to someone with it in order to understand. I’ve seen a documentary on it, and they really just said that they are urges to do things that can be suppressed, but not for long and they have to be performed eventually.


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