Life of a New Jerseyan

I live in New Jersey, and before you start going ahead with your preconceived notions, I am not anything like any member of the cast of Jersey Shore. I thought I’d tell you this because, well, I’m sick of visiting other states and hearing “OH You’re from New Jersey. *gasp* HAVE YOU EVER MET SNOOKI?!”

No, I haven’t, and I pray that I never do. I like to surround myself with people that have a decent capacity for intelligence. Also, for the record, I’m pretty sure the cast is made up of New Yorkers. They were just dropped in the middle of New Jersey because they thought it would make a cool show. Pathetic. I haven’t actually watched the show, and I wouldn’t be able to sit through it even if I wanted to research it just for the sake of this post, but I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere.

Let’s get this straight, New Jersey is nothing like anything you have ever seen on that show, and the citizens of New Jersey are fine people, I promise.  Well, at least here in South Jersey  they are, I don’t know about North Jersey, us southerners kind of have a beef with them.

The moral of the story is, if you’re planning on visiting the great state of New Jersey, come to the southern part. Preferably Wildwood, Ocean City, Atlantic City, and so on and so forth. Cape May is nice too. Growing up, I spent most of my summers in Wildwood after an excruciatingly long and torturous car ride with my family of six, so if you ask me, this will be my first response. It doesn’t look like much when you get there, but they have awesome food, awesome people, awesome beaches, and, most importantly, the best boardwalk. Plus if you go there in the summer, you might just bump into me!

Moral Number Two is please don’t ask anyone if they are visiting from New Jersey (assuming you don’t live in New Jersey, of course) if they have met Snooki, or Pauli D, or. . . freaking. . . I don’t know, who else is on that show? The Situation! Whatever his real name is. Odds are if the person who is visiting travels often, they’ve been asked this enough times to make them want to punch you in your throat as soon as the words leave your mouth. Yeah. It’s that obnoxious.

Third, not really a moral, just something we should all be thankful for: the show is no longer being taped. It’s been cancelled!!! Thank God!

I just hope, for the sake of this state, that the cast went back to New York, where they belong. No offence to anyone living there, I just think since it’s a larger state there is more room for the. . . let’s be nice and call them ‘less than desirables.’

On a sort of unrelated note but not all that unrelated at all, has anyone else heard about all of the states threatening to secede  I’m not trying to be ‘Captain Obvious’ here, I just was shocked when I heard. I mean honestly? What does that say to people? That when we don’t get our way we act like three-year-olds and run away pouting? Seriously? Maybe I don’t totally understand, but New Jersey is one of the states petitioning and I think it is stupid.

And has anyone else noticed how much more aggressive the people who hate Obama are than those who hate Mitt Romney? This is coming from a totally neutral point of view since I’m not technically registered to vote yet (only 15 years old here) so please don’t accuse me of being a democrat, but I can definitely sympathize. I mean is it just me, or are the republicans much more aggressive than the democrats? And again, no offence to republicans, I feel like someone is going to read this and just go bonkers at me. Honestly, I’m not exactly from a family of democrats, quite the opposite, so if anything I could be sticking up for republicans, but I really can’t justify acting like a bunch of toddlers (I know it isn’t all republicans, it’s just the ones who shouldn’t be in charge of anything).

**P.S: I wrote this a while ago, so reading it I realize that you might think I’m a bit slow on the draw. It has just been gathering dust in my drafts folder and I thought I’d post it without taking any of that stuff out since I have a habit of sticking my two-cents where they don’t belong. Also, since I know you’ve read the whole blog and have made it to this point without getting bored, thanks for reading! You get a cookie if you leave a comment.**



  1. For the acting like three year olds, I agree. I think that EVERYONE should be more mature and act better. I believe that most of the “republicans” that act like that are just people upset that a black man got into the white house AGAIN. I personally have nothing against black people, and some of my best friends are black, but that’s not true for everyone. It could also have to do with the whole gun rights stuff. Like I said, everyone should act more mature. That includes the democrats not thumbing their nose at the republicans. But, what can we say. boys will be boys, right?
    ~ J


  2. I think part of the reason the democrats are less agressive is because they won… If you’re talking pre-election, I dunno. I think there are more radical right-wingers than radical left-wingers, especially in the media. I go to school with a bunch of aggressive Republicans, and let me tell you, it’s frightening. But I think that might be skewing my perspective. I’m sure there are a whole bunch of reasonable conservatives… I just haven’t met them yet.

    Also, I would like a cookie, please. A large, chanchey cookie with lotsa icing. Belle wants also a cookie. We’ll pick ’em up when we visit New Joy-zih on chanchecation. Holla!


    1. That made me laugh. Like seriously laugh. . . out loud. . . . in the middle of chemistry class. Thanks for the embarrassment. There are reasonable conservatives, you just don’t know them because they aren’t nearly as outspoken as the radical ones. As for aggressiveness, don’t think anyone can compete with Fox News. . . . just saying. And your cookies will be ready for you, Holla! Chocolate chip or what?


      1. np, gurl, np.

        i believe you on that. i’m so dang center politically that i end up mad at almost everyone… which sucks. c’est la vie! oh, and! there’s a real agressive liberal girl in my sociology class who CAN compete with FOX. she might not WIN, but it would def be a competition.

        Chocolate chip is perfect. Can you put icing on a chocolate chip cookie, though?

      1. That was the only time I watched the whole season, I usually catch an episode or two. I am a Survivor fan fanatic. Enzo was very clever and said funny things… but kind of gross… so yeah, don’t bother.

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