Time of My Life

I’m on a bit of a high right now, so I thought I’d write a little something, especially knowing what my last post was. Here goes:

Godspell. . . every actor needs one. I don’t care if you don’t get a part after you audition, get together ten friends and freaking PUT ONE ON! It’s a lot of work and a lot of rehearsal, but when it’s done, it is by far the most gratifying show I have ever put on. That feeling of nailing a song on stage and hearing the audience applaud, especially the songs in Godspell.

I mean, I don’t care that I got a crappy part and I don’t care that everyone probably forgot about me once they left; the building of the community throughout the play, the jokes, the heartfelt part, the heartbreaking ending. You can’t be a part of Godspell and not love it. I don’t think it’s possible. It’s far too much fun.

If you’ve never seen it, GO SEE IT! Rent it on DVD, find a local theater group who is putting it on; I don’t care, just give it a chance. You don’t have to be Christian or even religious. I know atheists who LOVE it; and they’re a part of the crew.

It’s just such a relaxed, fun musical. My cast in particular is especially fabulous and fantastic. It’s a cast of about 68 people (the traditional cast is ten people, but our director doesn’t like to cut people, which explains why everyone except Jesus and Judas got crappy parts) and every last one of them are amazing. As a whole, we just throw all of our energy in the audiences faces.

I didn’t even mention my favorite part of it. You are given, every last one of you, the ability to be your kwirky, ridiculous, awkward self without people judging you. People can’t judge you, because it’s Godspell and that’s what it’s all about. You can’t be made fun of for playing a part; it’s called acting.

Have you ever been in a play or musical? If so, which one, and would you recommend seeing/trying out for a part in it? I WANT TO KNOW, SO DON’T JUST LIKE. COMMENT. DO IT! If you comment, I’ll . . . love you forever. Is that enough?



  1. ive been in suessical, the music man, bye bye biride, little shop of horrors, and right now we’re putting on all shook up. little shop is the only one that i would audition for again in a heartbeat. i loved it, and my brother and i both had big parts (he was the lead) so it was a good time for us to be together.


    1. My school put on Bye Bye Birdie last year, but I was too big of a coward to audition. I heard the word ‘improv’ and ran for my life. I worked up the courage to audition for the first time this year because I saw how great bye bye birdie was last year. (I’m not going to miss auditioning for any school plays from now on). Now one of our enemy schools is putting on bye bye birdie this year. I swear if they do godspell next year then I am dressing up in my costume and sitting in the front row and just glaring at them while shaking my head the entire time. It will happen.


  2. lol. take a picture and send it to me.
    i really enjoyed watching the other theatre program’s performance of godspell. it was spectacular. when’s opening night?


      1. We’re done now. I wrote this a while ago and had scheduled it for yesterday. Opening night was February 22nd. Closing night was March 2nd. We had a good run. Every night was practically full except Thursday and one guy came to all six shows and sat in the front row. The people in front of my parents one night came from a good 30-45 minutes away and at the intermission, the guy turned to the girl he was with and said “You see, wasn’t this worth the drive over.” And on top of that so many people cried which made us so happy (I know that sounds weird, but you probably get it, having been in shows before). 🙂

  3. Oh Katie! The things I have to say about Godspell/musicals/theater! The way you’re describing theater right now is sorta like me right after Urinetown (GREAT MUSICAL, though there’s not a video recording yet- if you get the chance, SEE IT!). But yeah, in case you’re confused by our anecdotes, Belle does theater for our school, and I’ve done some (but auditioned for all) the shows for the all-boy’s catholic high school that my brother (and a bunch of my grade school friends) went to. Our school had a pretty laid-back program, but the all boy’s school is crazy competitive, especially for girls (anyone in the city can audition, and the reputation is that it’s crazy serious). I was totally in love with it, and they do Godspell every 4 years. So yeah, I’ve told you about that… but even with all that, it’s been a great experience overall. Also, the casting for this year’s musical went out yesterday and neither of us are in it. Since I’m Tuesday, that’s what I’m posting about tomorrow. So I hope you enjoy it!! Also, glad you’re loving Godspell! It really is a sweet show. On the Willows… ahhh…


    1. Seriously On The Willows was like my favorite song. . . well second favorite, only to All for the Best. And I’m sorry you guys are in it; I hope you know that I would be in the same boat if my director actually CUT kids, he has like this guilty feeling about it so he just casts a lot of people in really small roles. It sucks sometimes, but for Godspell it turned out really awesome.


  4. Honestly, I am an ok actor, but I get mild stage fright and can’t sing to save my life, so since we do musicals once a year I work more on crew. Little shop of horrors last year was great, but I’m enjoying working on all shook up 🙂


    1. Honestly, I just prefer music to everything, but I definitely still place acting really high on that list. Crew is great too, though. If I can’t be on stage I’d still definitely like to be a part of the production 😉 I get mild stage fright too, but it’s a lot better during Godspell because everyone’s on stage the entire time, so you can just tell yourself that people are looking at everyone besides you, even when you know they aren’t.


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