Music Friday #2

Here it is, it’s a thing now. No turning back. Also, I’m posting this one really late on account of I actually had something to do with my life today.

I planned on just plugging one song per post on Fridays, but I have this whole artist that I want to draw attention to because he’s awesome, like REALLY awesome. He posts music on youtube and he has a lot of talent in songwriting and singing. His name is BriBry, I don’t think he’s ever put up a song that I didn’t like, but here are links to some of my favorites.

Staying Together is a song with particular lyrics in this one that I seem to have fallen in love with. No, I lied, I fell in love with all of the lyrics from this one. My favorite part is “I want to stay in this paradise, quoting you lyrics every night and not telling you which ones that I wrote myself.” It kind of has this beat you just want to move to, and it’s a little different than my other favorites from BriBry, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Sum Me Up is one song that any mess of a person (cough cough, me) can relate to, and also tall people. This is the song that pulled me to BriBry’s music and I actually went so far as learning how to play it on guitar. I must sing it at least once a week.

The Ross Song is a touching one. It’s about his friend who died of cancer. All of the profits BriBry makes from his youtube channel go to The Ross Foundation for obvious reasons. This is one of those songs you can relate to if you’ve ever lost a loved one. Although the vocals aren’t my favorite in this song, I think the guitar is beautiful and the lyrics are so meaningful.

Adventure Time has got to be my favorite. I think the vocal quality is great, the lyrics are great, the guitar is great, and the video is great. It’s one of those songs that makes you forget just about every word in your vocabulary besides the word great. I don’t know why.

Old Enough is one that I’ve recently come to love. I just. . . it’s just awesome. The line “I found the world yesterday, and found I’m on a dot on a map” just reeled me in. Then the line “I know in a few months I’ll take back this song and praise the new one that I love” just. . . ugh. Then the bit about the ‘schizophrenic kid,’ this song just got me, and I’ve listened to it about nine million times.

Can we take a moment just to realize how high BriBry’s range can go? Okay, realized it? Good, now for the last one.

Child was one of BriBry’s songs where I had the first two lines memorized before he even posted the video. I was in love with it before I heard the whole thing because he had put the intro to the song as the outro to the video for Old Enough, and I just think it’s an adorable song.


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