Ignorance IS NOT Bliss

I actually did more things with my life this weekend. I know, it’s unusual . . . well . . . for me, at least. My school was hosting all-state auditions this year and I promised my choir director that I would help with whatever duties he needed me with. Apparently, this meant selling concessions.

We were stocked up in the cafeteria, where they gave us a cart, two bags of bagels (however, we had nothing to put ON the bagels, or any means of toasting them so we sold none), some baked goods (about ten bags of cookies), soda, and pretzels (the soft ones). It was then that we had to hunt down the janitor and ask him for the elevator key to bring the cart up to the main floor, and around to the front of the school. Of course, my partner in crime decided to give the key back to him as soon as we were parked in our spot, not thinking about the fact that we had to get back to the cafeteria somehow (I’ll tell you more about that later). Don’t worry, though. Everything involving the cart moving between floors was her problem since I’m terrified of being in elevators.

From there, we spent the next four hours sitting in front of the main entrance being asked one of three main questions continuously. They were either “Where are the bathrooms?”, “Where is the registration room?”, or “Where is the warm-up room?”. The last one really got annoying because our ‘concessions stand’ was right in front of the auditorium. Now, I’m talking one entrance door was on our right, and the other was on our left. Both doors were propped open and you could easily, not only see the other auditionees, but hear them singing. I was asked the warm-up room question at least 70 times, and I was really frustrated with the lack of common sense.

Another FAQ didn’t start until later, and it was “Where is the cafeteria?”. This one was excusable because our cafeteria is hard to find if you don’t go here. It’s at the point where we felt really guilty just pointing people in the right direction because they are so likely to make a wrong turn and get lost that we just eventually started getting up and walking them there.

(I’m going to put this in perspective for you. From where we were sitting, here are accurate directions to get to the cafeteria “Go down this hallway and make a right. Now the hallway bends, but it’s still technically just one hallway, so even though you’re going ‘straight down the hallway,’ you’re really going to have to make another right and then a left. The hallway dead-ends at the music room, so before that happens, make a right onto the mini-staircase and then almost immediately another right to the actual staircase and go downstairs. Now just go straight out of that staircase, don’t use the back exit, and directly to your right should be the cafeteria.” You can see how we thought it would just be easier to walk them there ourselves.)

About half-way through the day, we were expecting people who came up to ask for directions, not food. Needless to say, when three guys came up to us, it wasn’t stupid of me to ask “Do you know where you’re going?” Well, they did know, and I felt stupid.They wanted waters. Then, apparently they started flirting with me. I say apparently because I don’t realize when people flirt with me. I mean, who would, have you seen my face? I only know this because the girl running the stand with me said “AAAWWWW Katie, growing up, guys flirting with you.” To which, I said “Wait, they were flirting?!”

Later on the guys came back and guess who got to escort them to the cafeteria? You guessed it, ME. Well the poor souls would have gotten lost otherwise.

Anyway, at the end of the day when we were packing up, our friend who had auditioned (a guy), helped us lug the cart down a flight of stairs and then down a few more stairs and then up a bit to the cafeteria, all the while dropping drinks everywhere. Don’t worry though, we spent the rest of the time helping out in the cafeteria (by that I obviously  mean we ate half of the food and gave two people hotdogs).



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