A Peek Into My Daily Life

This isn’t going to be about my daily routine, because I value my readers enough to try to avoid allowing them to die of boredom.

My friends, people I deal with on a daily basis, have really weird personalitie- . . . no that’s not it. Mind- . . . no that’s not it either. Everything! They have really weird everything. They have officially dubbed Thursday ‘Touch a Thigh Thursday’ and Friday is ‘Awkward Eye Contact Friday.’

These are only a few odd things my friends do. One of my friends, during rehearsals for Godspell, sang to me (in the tune of ‘Prepare Ye’) “KA-A-A-A-TIE IS A ME-EAT-LOAF!” I don’t know what is wrong with my friends, but they’re pretty awesome. And if it says anything about my life and my friends, I should inform you that I went bowling with two of my friends, and we were put on the little score keeper thingy as (my friend’s idea, not mine) Hotmama (me), Sexy Beast (my friend Jessica), and I forget what Stephanie’s name was, but we decided later that it should have been Black Sugar. So now she is in my phone as black sugar and I’m in her phone as hotmama.

Does this sum it up enough for you? Do you want to know what our usual conversations are about? Well, one we often have is the passionate hate for the word rural. I mean, when is the last time you said it? I hate saying it, it doesn’t even sound like a word. RUH-Ral. RUH-ral. It sounds like something that would come out of your mouth as you’re having a stroke. RUH-Ral.

It isn’t rare that I go into chemistry class and someone begins tapping their pencil rhythmically, and what are a few musically involved kids going to do when this happens? ADD TO IT OF COURSE! Next thing you know there is a whole group of kids in the back of the class all busting out a number of beats in collaboration. It’s pretty awesome.

Not to mention we are reading A Tale of Two Cities in English class right now. I can’t go one day without hearing “A Tale of Two Titties” from someone.


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