I have a confession to make. I am slowly becoming addicted to this website. I have to admit, it is probably the best addiction to ever have, and it’s starting to annoy my friends. If I could tell you how often I check for notification during my day and how many times a week I check my stats (I know, I know, numbers don’t matter. But it is fun to know how many people are reading my ridiculous posts) then you’d probably be extremely surprised.

It’s not even my addiction to writing or inspiration. I like reading blogs by people who are more lost in life than I am, or people who seem like they have it just all figured out. Blogs of people who are making it through their lives despite the circumstances, it can get really interesting.

I like the idea that what people write and put out there on this very website can touch others, can penetrate their very souls.

I love the way this site works. I think it’s so handy. When I’m writing anything really (a song or a novel) there is always a way to find inspiration. You can search specific topics if you’re looking for inspiration for say a romance novel. There are so many thoughts and statements on this site, it’s nice to know how other people’s minds work, it’s nice to know how other people get through their lives. It’s just nice.

At least I’m not addicted to facebook, right?


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