Music Friday #Something Way Lower Than What it Should Be

Every once in awhile, a post comes along that opens up your eyes to life. It changes your perspective, it moves you to tears, it makes you smile and laugh. This isn’t one of those posts.

Just watch the video I link here because I have nothing to add to this:

PS: Yes, I am aware I have missed a number of Music Friday’s, but I am a mess and therefore you shouldn’t have expected much from me in the first place, so I blame you for even believing I could handle posting twice EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Seriously, how new are you?

Physical Fitness

I genuinely enjoy physical education. . . most of the time. I like being healthy, and my gym teacher keeps it fun. If we don’t like what he has planned and we tell him, we will come up with a more enjoyable alternative activity, together. However, today gym sucked.

We have these things, for those of you who aren’t in high school anymore, called fitness tests. Basically, the point is you have to go around our quarter-mile track eight times in one period. You can tell that we would have to run a bit to get the total of eight laps in forty-three minutes. Even running, I don’t mind.

So what’s so bad about this? Well, for starters, my best friend wasn’t in school today. She is the person I always talk to during gym, we keep each other entertained through basically insulting each other consistently. Second, today was humid. Really humid. My hair is temperamental. Female + temperamental hair + gallons of water just floating around in the air = one extremely unhappy blogger.

In addition, we weren’t warned that we would have to be running today. Now, guys can skip to the next paragraph because I know this isn’t something you would understand. For you girls. You know how you have certain bras that you can wear and they’ll work when you run? And then there are ones that don’t. Well, I’m wearing one that doesn’t ‘contain’ me enough.

Even this, I would have endured happily, if I were not sick. I have been a mess since. . . well, I’ve been a mess since I was born, but I have been sick for days. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I get dizzy often, my nose runs incessantly, my head hurts, I can’t stop coughing – trust me, it’s not pretty. I can’t even think straight. I said to my friends “My Dad is one of those dad’s that says ‘just go to school and if you’re feeling school then go to the sick and she’ll send you home.'” Yeah. . . .it’s that bad. If you understand what that sentence is supposed to mean, then you’re approved by my blog. You’ve been reading it long enough.

So here I sit, puffy haired, baggy eyed, runny nosed, and head ached in history class and my teacher still has no idea that I’m not paying attention. Something about Reagan, I think. He probably thinks I’m furiously typing out my notes, this is great.

A Peek Into My Daily Life

This isn’t going to be about my daily routine, because I value my readers enough to try to avoid allowing them to die of boredom.

My friends, people I deal with on a daily basis, have really weird personalitie- . . . no that’s not it. Mind- . . . no that’s not it either. Everything! They have really weird everything. They have officially dubbed Thursday ‘Touch a Thigh Thursday’ and Friday is ‘Awkward Eye Contact Friday.’

These are only a few odd things my friends do. One of my friends, during rehearsals for Godspell, sang to me (in the tune of ‘Prepare Ye’) “KA-A-A-A-TIE IS A ME-EAT-LOAF!” I don’t know what is wrong with my friends, but they’re pretty awesome. And if it says anything about my life and my friends, I should inform you that I went bowling with two of my friends, and we were put on the little score keeper thingy as (my friend’s idea, not mine) Hotmama (me), Sexy Beast (my friend Jessica), and I forget what Stephanie’s name was, but we decided later that it should have been Black Sugar. So now she is in my phone as black sugar and I’m in her phone as hotmama.

Does this sum it up enough for you? Do you want to know what our usual conversations are about? Well, one we often have is the passionate hate for the word rural. I mean, when is the last time you said it? I hate saying it, it doesn’t even sound like a word. RUH-Ral. RUH-ral. It sounds like something that would come out of your mouth as you’re having a stroke. RUH-Ral.

It isn’t rare that I go into chemistry class and someone begins tapping their pencil rhythmically, and what are a few musically involved kids going to do when this happens? ADD TO IT OF COURSE! Next thing you know there is a whole group of kids in the back of the class all busting out a number of beats in collaboration. It’s pretty awesome.

Not to mention we are reading A Tale of Two Cities in English class right now. I can’t go one day without hearing “A Tale of Two Titties” from someone.

Ignorance IS NOT Bliss

I actually did more things with my life this weekend. I know, it’s unusual . . . well . . . for me, at least. My school was hosting all-state auditions this year and I promised my choir director that I would help with whatever duties he needed me with. Apparently, this meant selling concessions.

We were stocked up in the cafeteria, where they gave us a cart, two bags of bagels (however, we had nothing to put ON the bagels, or any means of toasting them so we sold none), some baked goods (about ten bags of cookies), soda, and pretzels (the soft ones). It was then that we had to hunt down the janitor and ask him for the elevator key to bring the cart up to the main floor, and around to the front of the school. Of course, my partner in crime decided to give the key back to him as soon as we were parked in our spot, not thinking about the fact that we had to get back to the cafeteria somehow (I’ll tell you more about that later). Don’t worry, though. Everything involving the cart moving between floors was her problem since I’m terrified of being in elevators.

From there, we spent the next four hours sitting in front of the main entrance being asked one of three main questions continuously. They were either “Where are the bathrooms?”, “Where is the registration room?”, or “Where is the warm-up room?”. The last one really got annoying because our ‘concessions stand’ was right in front of the auditorium. Now, I’m talking one entrance door was on our right, and the other was on our left. Both doors were propped open and you could easily, not only see the other auditionees, but hear them singing. I was asked the warm-up room question at least 70 times, and I was really frustrated with the lack of common sense.

Another FAQ didn’t start until later, and it was “Where is the cafeteria?”. This one was excusable because our cafeteria is hard to find if you don’t go here. It’s at the point where we felt really guilty just pointing people in the right direction because they are so likely to make a wrong turn and get lost that we just eventually started getting up and walking them there.

(I’m going to put this in perspective for you. From where we were sitting, here are accurate directions to get to the cafeteria “Go down this hallway and make a right. Now the hallway bends, but it’s still technically just one hallway, so even though you’re going ‘straight down the hallway,’ you’re really going to have to make another right and then a left. The hallway dead-ends at the music room, so before that happens, make a right onto the mini-staircase and then almost immediately another right to the actual staircase and go downstairs. Now just go straight out of that staircase, don’t use the back exit, and directly to your right should be the cafeteria.” You can see how we thought it would just be easier to walk them there ourselves.)

About half-way through the day, we were expecting people who came up to ask for directions, not food. Needless to say, when three guys came up to us, it wasn’t stupid of me to ask “Do you know where you’re going?” Well, they did know, and I felt stupid.They wanted waters. Then, apparently they started flirting with me. I say apparently because I don’t realize when people flirt with me. I mean, who would, have you seen my face? I only know this because the girl running the stand with me said “AAAWWWW Katie, growing up, guys flirting with you.” To which, I said “Wait, they were flirting?!”

Later on the guys came back and guess who got to escort them to the cafeteria? You guessed it, ME. Well the poor souls would have gotten lost otherwise.

Anyway, at the end of the day when we were packing up, our friend who had auditioned (a guy), helped us lug the cart down a flight of stairs and then down a few more stairs and then up a bit to the cafeteria, all the while dropping drinks everywhere. Don’t worry though, we spent the rest of the time helping out in the cafeteria (by that I obviously  mean we ate half of the food and gave two people hotdogs).

Trust Me. . . You Don’t Want to Know

Really, you don’t. But I’m going to tell you anyway because that’s the whole premise of blogging, so strap in!

Yesterday was my Dad’s first day at a new job, and he. . . well. . . he came home to an argument when we really intended for him to come home to a nice, home-cooked meal. That didn’t really go as planned.

Katie, what was this argument about, you ask? Oh, you know. The usual, ALIENS.

There’s really no doubt in my family that aliens exist in some form, somewhere.The way we look at it is: we hardly know enough about our own solar system; and there are so many more solar systems, so many galaxies, so many stars in this universe, and we don’t even know if it ends with this universe, so with all of that matter and all of those planets and stars, who are we to say that earth is the only planet to harbor life?

Right, so aliens exist, end of story. That’s not the argument. The argument is, let’s say they discover life on earth (assuming they’re more than just a single-celled organism floating on a rock, of course) before we discover life on the planet they’re from (although I find this highly unlikely, but hypothetically), what would they do?

My brother says they would ‘observe’ our planet long enough to conclude that we are violent people (by intercepting things like holocaust documentaries and other documentaries on war and things of the sort) and then they would attack us.

I disagree. I think it would go a little more like this (remember, throughout this argument, he was yelling and me and I was yelling right back at him, we get that heated): they would discover life on earth. I would assume that they were doing it for all the same reasons we are looking for life in the universe; curiosity, research, maybe resources. If they tried to ‘observe’ our planet, they would first have to get close enough, and I’m not sure if they would be able to do that without our realizing it. My mom made the point that everything we broadcast is out in space; but if they had radio technology, which they should to be taking on space travel, we would know they’re there just as well as they would know about us. Knowing world leaders and anti-war activists today, you would assume the world leaders would team up and probably want to go about this with peace. I mean, nobody wants a full-on war until there is no other option.

If it did, in the end, come to a war, I have no doubt that aliens would kill us. I mean, they had the advances in technology enough to get them to our planet and discover our planet’s life. It might not occur to them to put weapons on their ship, as I don’t think it occurred to us when we went to the moon; we were too busy with the issue of actually getting to the moon. The same with the Mars curiosity rover. However, if it did occur to them, we would be done for.

Alright , that’s all I’ve got for today, but I’d really like to know what you think in the comments, so go ahead with that. I’d really like to hear what other people are thinking, aliens are by far my favorite topic.

An Overdue Post

I should have brought this up a while ago. I should have posted something. Although it wasn’t exactly necessary in their eyes, it definitely is in mine. These awesome people, who probably know who they are by now, posted about me (or, to me) a while ago and have kind of become the coolest internet friends I’ve ever made since. They call themselves ‘chanches’ and the blog is The Chanche Catalog, and the reason it took me so long to figure out how to write this post is because I didn’t really know how to link it that way on this site and also because I couldn’t decide what I should link.

You see, these people have individual blogs as well (most of them, anyway) and they all rock. This is the post that really grabbed my attention. It’s pretty awesome, even though it’s not posted on the whole group’s collective blog.

Not only do they read my blog, which automatically means they’re some of the coolest people in all of existence, they also welcomed me with open arms into their little friendship that they have going for them.

Now, as much as we think each other are creepy old men and internet stalkers (just a joke), they’re kind of some of the coolest people I’ve come to know.

I have posts scheduled until the end of February, so I decided to post this on a day I don’t usually post on. I just thought I’d tell anyone I can to check out these people that definitely don’t suck.

Okay, it’s hell week for my school’s production of Godspell, so I got home at 10:10 and it’s almost half past eleven now, so I’m going to turn in for the night.

New Years Failure

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that I didn’t write about New Years resolutions until February? (Alright, you got me you little show off, I’m writing this in January. But I already have posts scheduled to go up until February, so I’m not posting it until now).

Working out is one of those New Years resolutions that just about every lazy American has, and I am one of ‘those.’ For your information, however, I did stick with it for a good couple of weeks, and then school work started getting heftier and my brother started bringing his girlfriend over more often (he has a social life, I shall forever be alone), and play practices have been really long. If it helps any, I haven’t been eating a whole lot, so at least there isn’t this huge intake of unnecessary calories that I’m not burning off.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hey, Katie, what does your brother’s girlfriend have anything to do with your workout habits?” Well, our workout equipment (I use the elliptical, woohoo) is in the basement, which is also where my brother’s bedroom is, and it’s pretty much the only place in the house you can do something fun and still have privacy, so that is generally where they go when she’s over. I AM NOT working out while my brother and his girlfriend make out on the couch in the basement. Gross.

You might also be saying, “Hey, Katie. You’re always complaining about schoolwork. Why are you in all those fancy classes if you don’t like the work?” Some people say there is no such thing as a stupid question. Those people are what I like to call. . . wrong. Nobody likes the work, we do it because we are capable of it. We do it because our parents and teachers know that we are some of the few students that will finish our homework before coming on the internet and messing around, which means we can handle the work load.

As for play practice, I want to be healthy, but I’m not going to put my life on hold just for a few hours after school every day to be available for exercise. That would be what most people call ‘not worth it.’

You might also be asking “Why exactly do you think we care about any of this?” A couple of reasons. One, I was hoping you would cut me some slack next time I miss a post because blogging is one of the things holding me back from physical fitness (haha, I will never achieve physical fitness) and you should feel guilty about that. Another reason is that this is the place where I come to tell everyone of things that I tell no one else because no one who reads this knows me in real life, and I go through a hell of a lot to keep it that way. The last reason is that THIS IS MY BLOG AND I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT.

The biggest reason, however, is that I am a girl who has very low self-esteem and I was hoping that by putting up this statement on the internet for everyone to see, I will actually follow through with it. So here goes: I am going to work out at least every other day from now on.

*Que dramatic music*