Pop Sensations

Can we talk a little bit? Or, you know, I’ll talk (type) and you listen (read).

Pop is a genre that a lot of people seem to disagree on. You have your rock fans, you metal heads, and basically anyone who listens to anything outside of pop. It’s a common thought that everyone involved in pop is just plain untalented.

If pop isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine. I listen to all music and I won’t judge you for not liking it. I’ll admit a lot of pop is just plain crap and some of the most popular artists have no talent. My least favorite? Ke$ha. God I hate typing that. But I don’t hate her for her music, I hate her for the fact that she’s famous and she can’t even sing. Not well enough to be as popular as she is.

However, a lot of pop singers are actually good singers. They might not write very good songs of their songs might blatantly suck. Their music might be completely basic or the chord progression could be just horrible. There may be no rhythmic interest in the song. That’s not the point.

The thing is, you need a lot of talent to not only write lyrics, but the music to songs and sing. I mean, if you look at a lot of singers, even if you don’t like their music, they can actually sing. I’m serious. Look up people like Hunter Hayes (he’s less pop, more country, but some of his stuff has made it through to pop stations), Justin Bieber (I’m not kidding, his music is annoying but he can really sing), and – bear with me hear – even One Direction.

Now that we’re getting in to One Direction, they come with more of an explanation. They auditioned for the X Factor in the UK as soloists before they were put together by the show as a group. If you listen to their auditions, they’re mediocre. They aren’t much special, and the best audition of them all was Liam Payne. When they were put together as a group, their performances on the big stage were just awful. Their first performance together was quiet and acoustic, it wasn’t too bad. Were they good enough to be at the level of popularity they got to? No. They were just cute faces, and teenage girls liked that, so they voted for them.

Does this mean they’re just untalented little shits? No. If you listen to their X Factor performances versus their recent acoustic performances, it’s unbelievable the improvement they’ve made with their vocals. Trust me, I do my research. If you don’t believe me, here you go.

Click here for their performance of Viva la Vida on The X Factor.

Click here for a live acoustic performance of their song One Thing.

Is my point that pop is better than you think? NO. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THAT IS NOT MY POINT.

My point is that these artists are actual people and don’t deserve half of the crap they get. They improve and although they may have gotten famous based on how nice their faces look, that doesn’t mean they totally lack any talent. Give them a break.

ALSO I used One Direction as an example because my cousin loves them and I figured that they’d make the easiest example because of their improvement. The same thing goes for Justin Bieber before and after being signed, and probably just about every other singer that ever was thanks to vocal training from the studio.


Music Friday #Something Way Lower Than What it Should Be

Every once in awhile, a post comes along that opens up your eyes to life. It changes your perspective, it moves you to tears, it makes you smile and laugh. This isn’t one of those posts.

Just watch the video I link here because I have nothing to add to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mi4vHiLQ1d8

PS: Yes, I am aware I have missed a number of Music Friday’s, but I am a mess and therefore you shouldn’t have expected much from me in the first place, so I blame you for even believing I could handle posting twice EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Seriously, how new are you?

Music Friday #3

I going to try this time, because usually this posts at a time totally separate from when I mean for it to post, and for a week or two I kind of just gave up on this installment of my blog. I’m going to give it a shot, so here goes.

This Friday’s song is called Lion’s Roar by The Hush Sound. I can’t really explain why I love this song so much, but a few of the lyrics make sense to me and the parts that do make sense I think are really awesome.

I came across this song via my brother had control of the radio and he put this song on. From a musician’s standpoint on this song, it has a really unique sound and it could have easily been a disaster, but it’s really good. The song has a kind of polka/brass sound which probably wasn’t the easiest thing for this band to mash together so cleanly. It gets stuck in my head all the time and I don’t think it has the popularity it deserves.

This is a rare song for me, because it’s not often that I am more compelled by the music in a song rather than the lyrics. I’m the type of person who just thinks lyrics are the most important part of the song, because they’re responsible for the message, but my favorite parts of this song are the parts that don’t have any lyrics.

So click on the link and listen to the song. I can’t imagine the mind of someone who wouldn’t like this song.

Music Friday #1

Happy Friday! This is the first installment of something I’m hoping to keep going for a while. I’m hoping you’ll know what it is by the title, so I’m not going to bother explaining it. Here goes.

Only the Good Die Young is my first selection because I feel like it will get me in the least amount of trouble from my readers. Next week I’ll be posting about a lesser-known artist, but for right now I figure I’d point out a true classic.

From a musician’s point of view, this might not be the most difficult song or the most impressive – most songs on the radio tend to be a combination of just four or five of the simplest chords. Aside from that, though, any musician can tell you that music isn’t about the complexity of the music. The point of music is the feeling, and this song undeniably gives you the feeling you want to just get up and dance.

No, it’s not the best message in the lyrics, but I do like some particular lines. (For example: ‘I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun’). I’m not going to lie, I don’t care what the message of the song is; if it’s by Billy Joel, it’s pretty awesome.

Not only is Billy Joel just an incredibly gifted singer/songwriter/musician, he is actually a great performer. Not that I’ve ever seen him live; I have seen videos and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who was born to perform as much as good old Billy.

So that’s it for this week, have a nice weekend!